Our activities on 2012


March, 2012article

Worked with SNMRC and QSNICH to set up the “Parents Seminar” for families who have children with physical movement disabilities on topics of treatment and rehabilitation

April, 2012article

Walter Lee, President of Zy Movement Foundation was the recipient of “The Pin of Exemplary Family Award” by the ministry of Social Development and Human Security, from HRH Srirasm

June, 2012article

Collaborated with Heidelberg University Hospital (Germany), SNMRC and QSNICH to jointly deliver a presentation in the international symposium on “Future treatment and management of children with congenital limb deficiency and cerebral palsy” in ASEAN in the “World Congress on Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Technic” in Leipzig, Germany

August, 2012article

TV Malaysia broadcasted a documentary of ZMF on prime time TV as part of their social awareness program which was viewed by an estimated 4 million viewers across 4 nations

October, 2012article

EO Malaysia’s up and coming chapter event of “The Mount Kinabalu expedition” will partner ZMF in providing a strategic platform to assist the launching of ZMF’s first international branch in Malaysia by back-packing Zy, to conquer the summit of Mount Kinabalu

December, 2012article

- Launch the” Climb to Change a Life” Project by inviting the disabled child and his family to have the experience to be on the top of Phukradueng, Loei province with the help of volunteers and doctors from QNICH

- Collaborated with Sirindhorn School of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hoapital to arrange the conference of  Congenital  Anomalies in South East Asia at Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hoapital

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