Our activities on 2013

January, 2013article

- Worked with SNMRC and QSNICH to launch the Vojta Diagnostic Course for Thai physicians

- Members of EO Malaysia Chapter paid a visit to  Zy Movement Foundation to learn and understand the process of setting up and running a foundation to assist disabled children towards independent living

- A Memorandum of Understanding between the Internationale Vojta Gesellschaft e.V. and Zy Movement Foundation was signed in Thailand


February, 2013article

- The 4th training for the first batch of Vojta Therapists in Thailand  with QSNICH

March, 2013article

The Universal Food Public Company Limited (UFC) organized  the "Fit Fun Run" Marathon at Lumpini Park to help raise fund and awareness for Zy Movement Foundation

July, 2013article

EO Thailand Chapter organized a charity talk show of Mr.Tony Christiansen, the world-leading inspirational and motivational speaker, to help raise funds and awareness for Zy Movement Foundation

November, 2013article

Collaborated with the Kelab Malaysia of Thailand in organizing “the ASEAN Dinner Nite” to help raise funds for Zy Movement Foundation

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