Our Collaboration

April 2010 A 5 year Memorandum Of Understanding between University Hospital Heidelberg, Department of Medical Science, Thailand & Zy Movement Foundation was signed in Germany

July 2010 “The committee for Developing the Quality of Life for Children with Disabilities & their families”, a joint collaboration between government and private sectors was formed by Department of Medical Services, Thailand with ZMF as one of the founding committee

October 2012 EO Malaysia’s up and coming chapter event of “The Mount Kinabalu expedition” will partner ZMF in providing a strategic platform to assist the launching of ZMF’s first international branch in Malaysia by back-packing Zy, to conquer the summit of Mount Kinabalu

January 2013 - A Memorandum of Understanding between the Internationale Vojta Gesellschaft e.V. and Zy Movement Foundation was signed in Thailand

October 2014 - The Memorandum of Understanding between QSNICH and Zy Movement Foundation to collaborate in improving quality of life for children with mobility impairment in Thailand and in ASEAN in every dimension was signed

March 2015 - A Memorandum of Understanding between Zy Movement Foundation and Sirindhorn School of Prosthetics and Orthotics was signed