Our Story

“My name is Walter Lee” and I have been living in Thailand since 1989. I am the Chief Executive Officer of Ventertec Marketing Company Limited (Thailand).  I am married to Nok. We have 3 great children V, Mij and Zy. Little Zy is my third child (I call him my little Professor) and is an absolute ball of fun.


“Zy” was born with one complete left arm, half a right arm, no right leg, a malformed left leg with three toes, and dislocated hip joints. He is otherwise just like any other baby.


Over the year, we had been to numerous hospitals in this part of the world, sought  assistance from different groups and associations, e-consulted from one continent to another, talked to pediatric orthopedic specialists about little Zy’s case and his chance of standing and walking, and been told to be patient and to wait and see! I knew Zy will be able to get around fine in a wheel chair but that just wasn’t enough for me! I wanted him to have an option to stand and walk if he so chooses to. This desire of mine had led me to make the following discovery.


There was a pediatric orthopedic specialist, Prof. Carstens, at the University of Heidelberg, whom I had been introduced to by this good samaritan couple and had visited in October 2007 in Germany. Prof. Carstens and his team of prosthetic specialists told me they were 80% confident they could make little Zy stand and walk. They showed me their work and gave me a prognosis of what, when and how they would be treating little Zy in the next few years. I was overwhelmed and    hopeful again. That was exactly what I had been looking for the past 12 months.

The thought of the millions of disabled children in Thailand and Southeast Asia came into my mind.

If I should be spending all these resources to treat one child, why couldn’t the treatment process to properly documented and disseminated so that potentially millions of disabled children might benefit from it? So if one could not afford to use the best of materials like what they use in Germany, maybe they could use plywood or bamboo here. The important thing is understanding and learning the fundamentals behind the treatment process.

That was the seed of thought that had eventually given birth to Zy Movement Foundation.