Objective 2 article


  • To rehabilitate and empower families and caretakers of children with movement disabilities with the correct understanding of the physical and psychological management of themselves and the children.  h children with movement disabilities



The Way We Achieve it: 

  • Create Network of Families of Children with Disability

 The fact is that “before treating the children, the parents must be treated first”, the foundation will create a network of parents of children with disability – mobility issues and sponsor/organize the following activities:

  • Rehabilitation seminars for the parents to have correct understanding and positive attitude
  • To empower the parents to fight for the right of their children i.e. education, public welfare, etc.
  • To publish a “Road Map” i.e. self help book which contains the information and direction of what, when, where and how to manage their children with this disability.


Our Objectives

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