The discovery of Vojta is fundamental to the development of holistic therapy to infants, children and adults with mobility impairments and it also the rudiment for the development of diagnostic systems for screening children with posture and movement disorders in their early stages

CTCAL : Climb to Change a Life Projecticon

“The Impossible Dream : Climb to change a life” or CTCAL is one of ZMF’s initiative project which its aim to give an opportunity for the children with movement disabilities to achieve the challenging that they never have done before such as conquering the mountain around Thailand

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25-27 November 2016 at Noen Chang Suek, Thong Pha Phum national park, Kanchanaburi.


2nd AMCM open for registration! 

The 2nd ASEAN Seminar on Multi-disciplinary Care for Children with Mobility Impairment (2nd AMCM) 13-15 July 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Theme: Management of foot & Ankle in Cerebral Palsy


11-12 May 2016 at Khao Dang, Prachuap Khiri Khan

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Walking without Legs ($5.25US) - the English translation of the Thai best-seller that is on the recommended reading list of Ministry of Education in Thailand, a powerful story of a father's love for his son who was born with one complete left arm, half a right arm, no right leg, a malformed left leg with three toes, and dislocated hip joints.




Five years back, one cutie little girl was born.  In our view as parents, she was the most adorable and caring child in the world.  We named her “Shan Shan”.  As she was our first kid, time of each day seemed to fly so fast because we were so excited and having so much fun taking care of her.  At the same time, we were learning one another.

However, the fun and excitement did not seem to last long.  We started to notice that her development did not catch up.  At the time she should be able to lift her head up, she could not.  Every time we held her, we had to support her neck by holding her face next to ours all the time. Since the very first day we noticed, we consulted the doctor and started the physical and occupational therapy treatment.  We did it continuously everyday.  In a week, there was hardly a day we were home.  Most of the time was taken wandering from hospital to hospital.  On the days off, we were taking exercises to do at home.  But the outcome was not as satisfactory as we wish.  Our little Shan Shan reached her first birthday but still could not lift her head up independently.  We, thus, thought there should be something more we can do for her.  We kept searching for more information about the alternatives that could help speeding up her development.  Luck was on our side that we found Vojta Treatment and got a chance to try.  After the trial, we did Vojta Treatment for her regularly everyday.  In only 3-month period, Shan Shan was able to lift her head up and support herself with the elbows.  And soon afterwards, she was able to sit up right independently.  We are so proud of her that she continuously has a great progress in her development.  At the moment, she was able to crawl, pull herself up to standing, walking along the rails through places, climbing up the toilet and doing almost all her daily self-help activities.  We are confident that she would soon be able to independently stand, walk and run with their peers as she wish.  Mom and dad would walk side by side and be her encouragement always. 

Shan Shan before VOJTA treatment

Shan Shan at 6 years of VOJTA treatment